OMEGA Leadership is an innovative dental practice coaching program that gives teams powerful tools and methods to break through their current ceiling so they become more efficient, effective, productive and energized. We help practices who want to improve production, add services, expand their practice and/or add new technology. By applying sales, marketing and clinical expertise, OMEGA helps transform stagnated practices into offices that run smoothly with high morale and healthy profits.

Why do dental practices need OMEGA?

In the rapidly changing world of dentistry, competition is fiercer than ever. New offices spring up quickly and corporations continue to buy existing practices while expanding their reach with their deep pockets. Meanwhile, doctors are expected to not only perform dentistry but also market their practice, manage their staff, attend to production goals and deal with any issues that arise in the practice.

OMEGA’s approach to practice coaching helps you distinguish yourself by creating an experience that attracts and retains patients in a workplace setting employees appreciate.

Contact us today to discover how OMEGA can help EMPOWER you to lead, ENCOURAGE your team to accomplish more and EQUIP your practice to be more successful!